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COPTA Is an authentic entertainment, production & promotion company providing services including:
·   Studio recordings & releases
·   Music, Album & Video productions/editing
·   mixing/remixing
·   Live entertainment on media network
·   professional support exactly fitted for artists/bands
·   shows & events promotion support on & media network
The founder of the company, Nikko Willi, a st. Lucian-west indies, raised in switzerland is continuously involved in various projects representing music since 2004. In the past, he alreday had the chance to learn and master hes organization skills by beeing part of the organizing-teams for events like:
·   Various Parties (Eleven Restaurante&Bar 2015/16)
·   Dance or Die - switzerland (Dancehall Dance Battle since 2013, ruff Promotion)
·   Various Parties (Prime Time Crew 2012-2015)
·   Rap Beet Tour 2007 (crushed ice promotion)    
·  1-2-3 Badda Dan Clash - switzerland (International Dancehall Soundclash since 2005, ruff Promotion)
·  Various Parties (ruff Promotion)
COPTA is working currently togheter:
·   with artists: Cookie The Herbalist CH, Tsunami1876 JA/CH, Codiac Knowdiac Bentley JA, Saimon Djamanu AF/CH
and more
·   for the musical: "Compagnie RIO" -transformer La Colère En Couleur-  as CO-manager
        (to be perform at Avignon Festival in France) 
·   for the COPTA Festival, Switzerland 
·   for the project: Dance Inna Di Hall, India