Copta team


         Roger Fournier   Producer / Composer

he hasn't any choice to became a music lover, because he raised in a musical family. thru that all, he love to play guitare & piano or just to be around of music



business development   shankaraa satchi  

Coming from an important cultural center for music, dance and drama, she easily found her love for the dancehall culture which continues to have a profound effect on her spirit. She is currently engaged in projects to promote international dancing and singing talents from worldwide



   christine willi  Food & Beverage

The creation and cooking of international dishes is their passion. the certain something with their own specialties, they will pass on the tongue succulent




Manager / Producer / Composer   nikko willi   

Nikko wanted to be in the music and entertainment business for a long time. When the opportunity finally came, he founded: COPTA - authentic entertainment, production & promotion for all & any kinds of art & Entertainment